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We Have Two Types Of Brain Responsible For Our Decisions
Published By AvivA-AvivA on 2013-05-05 43 Views

In the recent lecture, that I was listening, I got intrigued by the idea of the two brains responsible for the decision making.

The first one is a task solving network. He works logically and looks out for causes and effects. He looks at the consequences and makes the decision based on the objective facts and standards.

The second one is social network. He cames in play, when we are dealing with people. He makes us get along with each other and hopes for the harmony. This one is more likely to take other people’s feeling into account.

But was was the most interesting is, that they suppress each other. The stronger one at the time is always suppressing the weaker one. So only one can be in charge at some point in time.

They can exchange themselfs, when the situation changes.

For example, a person decides, that he will break up with that person, that he sees no future with. But when he actually is with the person, the other brain takes over, and he no longer wants to break up with her.

That actually explains, why decisions made alone can fell short in the face of other people. The brain in the time of making decision is not the same as executing decision.

But what it really reminded me of was MBTI. In MBTI system, there are two function that enable us to make decisions: thinking and feeling.

Thinking is when the people use logical system and look over the consequences of their decisions.

Feeling is when people try to achieve harmony among people and they take values of people into account.

Sound familiar? To me it is too similar to the above description.

The MBTI also says, that we can use both of them, but not in the same time. It is just, that one of them cames easier to us than the other.

Either way, we have two brains.

Now we just need to be aware, what brain is in control now? What brain is in control more than the other? And then be aware of that, when making decisions. Because this two types of brain have minds of their own, and they do not always agree.

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